Horizontal Machining Centres

Matchmaker has a long standing association with Tongtai, the largest Machine Tool Manufacturer in Taiwan, going back over 25 years.

There are currently 15 different models in the Tongtai Horizontal Machining Centre range including heavy cutting and high speed.  Other features include:

  • Pallet sizes from 400mm x 400mm up to 1250mm x 1250mm
  • B axis 0.001 degree
  • Spindle speeds of up to 24000 rpm
  • BBT40 or 50 tapers
  • Automatic tool changers with a capacity ranging from 30 to 120 tools

Yasda is a Japanese manufacturer of ultra high accuracy CNC Horizontal Machining Centres, capable of machining and finishing to micron accuracies.

Yasda’s pre-loaded self adjusting system coupled with their thermal distortion stabilising system makes these machines the most accurate Horizontal Machining Centres available.

FEATURED Horizontal Machining Centre - TONGTAI HA-500II

Uses stable three-point support design for machine bed

NC rotary table uses high rigidity full circumference hydraulic braking system

Optional choice for automatic pallet changer system to increase production efficiency

High precision, rigidity and power output performance

Especially suitable for the automobile industry


Technical Specifications

Specification HA-500II
Table size(LxW) 500×500 mm
Max. loading capacity 500×2 kg
X/Y/Z axis travel 710/680/680 mm
X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse 60 m/min
Spindle taper 7/24 Taper No.40
Spindle speed 12000 rpm
Spindle motor 25/22 kW
Tool capacity 60(Opt. 90/120) pc

For more information on the Tongtai HA-500II or any of our other Horizontal Machining Centres, please call us on 01372 844999.

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