The Fadal Vertical Machining Centre is Back!

Fadal, the US based Vertical Machining Centre manufacturer is back and is producing CNC machining centres.  Matchmaker CNC, as before, are the UK distributors.

The classic series; VMC2516, VMC3016, VMC4020, VMC6030 and VMC8030 mirror the popular box-way construction that made the Fadal the most prominently known machine tools for 30 years.

New enhancements include a new spindle design to incorporate Big Plus technology.

The new Fadal control CNC -64mp control functions with the same language and compatibility of the original CNC -88, 88HS, and the 32MP controls, with the added benefit of greater processing power and speed.

The new box way and linear way Fadal machining centres are now available complete with the latest high speed 64MP control.

"Looks and works just like your old Fadal only faster!"


For more details of some of our range of Fadal Vertical Machining Centres, please see below.

Click the images to view full size and the PDF icons to download colour brochures including full technical specifications for each machine

Vertical Machining Centres
Model Machine Type Machine Image Download Brochure
Fadal VMC2520 Vertical Machining Centre
Fadal VMC4020 Vertical Machining Centre
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