Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Machining Centres

These are new hybrid additive manufacturing machines. The Optomec LENS family of 3D metal printers are designed for the cost-effective repair and manufacture high-performance metal components.

The LENS print engine delivers Optomec 3D metal printing technology in a modular format for rapid integration with metal working platforms such as CNC mills, lathes, robots, custom gantries, or even laser cutting and welding systems.

Components of the LENS print engine include Optomec proprietary SteadyFlow powder feeders, LENS deposition head with SmartAM closed loop process control, fibre laser, and tool path generation software.

FEATURED Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Machining Centre - TONGTAI AMH-350

Metal Powder Direct Energy Deposition and Subtractive Manufacturing Machine

Includes the methods of 3D printing, repairing, laser cladding to be completed within one machine, satisfying the customer demand with a one-stop solution.

The 5-axis machine, AMH-350, combines Tongtai’s advanced technology and research capabilities which is suitable for aerospace, electronics, automobile, biomedical, die & mold industries, the ones require complicated and highly precision needed industries. The methods used in this machine can reduce the time of workpiece setting and shortening processing time.

Equipped 2-axis trunnion rotary table driven by roller gear cam as the standard option, its zero backlash design and high rigidity characteristic can increase processing precision greatly.

Standard equipped 15,000 rpm direct drive oil-air lubricated spindle. Customer can choose a 20,000 rpm oil-air lubricated built-in spindle based on their processing demands.


Technical Specifications

Specification AMH-350
Laser power 1 (2) kW
Laser spot size 670~980 μm
Table size (LxW) Ø350 mm
Max. loading capacity 200 kg
X/Y/Z axis travel 400/510/510 mm
A/C axis travel +30°~-120°/±360° deg
X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse 36/36/30 m/min
A/C axis rapid traverse 33.3/40 rpm
Spindle taper 7/24 Taper No.40
Spindle speed 15000(20000) rpm
Spindle motor 7.5/11/15(Opt. 40/30) kW
Tool capacity 24(Opt. 30/40) pc

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