Vertical Machining Centres

Matchmaker has supplied CNC Vertical Machining Centres to manufacturing industries since the 1970s.

The early Matchmaker Vertical Machining Centres were built to last; heavy duty machines with hardened and ground slideways.

Matchmaker CNC Vertical Machine Centres

Matchmaker CNC Vertical Machining Centres were one of the first with Automatic Tool Changers (ATC), and six access CNC controls. These machines were the forerunners of the latest Matchmaker high-speed range of Vertical Machining Centres now complete with Fanuc OiMF controls, 10000 rpm spindle speeds and 24-tool twin arm ATC.


Matchmaker are proud to be the authorised distributor in the UK for high speed quality Vertical Machining Centres from Tongtai, the largest Machine tool Manufacturer in Taiwan.  Matchmaker have been working in conjunction with Tongtai for over 25 years.

There are more than 25 different models in the Tongtai Vertical Machining Centre portfolio, ranging in size from 600mm x 400mm to 1400mm x 1,000mm, with spindle speeds up to 24000 rpm.

Matchmaker have installed over 700 Fadal Vertical Machining Centres since the late 1980s to various industries, including one customer with over 70 machines in one shop still producing aerospace components today.

Fadal is back producing Vertical Machining Centres again after a 5 year break.  With the high-speed Fadal 64 bit control with box ways or roller guideways, the new Fadal Vertical Machining Centres are just like your old Fadal, only faster!


Yasda first started in a small factory in 1929 in Osaka City, Japan, producing engine cylinder boring machines.  Yasda produce extremely high accuracy CNC Vertical Machining Centres which they name CNC Jig Borers because of their micron positioning accuracies; able to finish machine bores with jig borer precision.

The heavy duty cutting with accurate finishing achieved with the Yasda pre-loaded self adjusting system and thermal distortion stabilising system, makes these machines the most accurate Vertical Machining Centres available.


The new Matchmaker VMC series is a high speed machining centre that incorporates Matchmakers renowned features of a rigid structure, high speed motion control, low vibration and high accuracy.

The machines are widely applied in aerospace, medical equipment, telecommunications, oil and gas and other high precision industries for milling, drilling, tapping and various mould making processes. Combined with our experience accumulated over more than 40 years, using the very latest 3D digital design techniques to enhance the mechanical structure so as to achieve the optimum cutting performance. single power turret for turning and milling process.


Technical Specifications


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