CNC Engineering for Medical Precision

Matchmaker CNC has been very successful in the medical industries over the last 40 years, supplying CNC machines to orthopaedic companies including Howmedica who produced some of the first knee and hip implants in the late 70s, before being acquired by Stryker.

Matchmaker CNC has also supplied the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital using laser scanning techniques to produce some of the pioneering bespoke implants integrating with Matchmaker CNC Vertical Machining Centres and Tongtai CNC Lathes.

In recent years, our association with Yasda machines has offered a new dimension in sub micron machining able to produce moulds for eye lenses, silicon membranes, micro instruments and machining of materials for micro printed circuit boards for the latest medical implants.

The Yasda YMC 430 Ultra-High Precision Micro Centre uses linear motor drives to produce the sub-micron accuracies required for the manufacture of parts in the world’s medical industries.  This machine produces a wide range of medical products, ranging from simple disposable supplies such as face masks, catheters and syringes through to surgical implements, patient-treatment and monitoring instruments and ultimately encompassing high technology beds, laboratory equipment and capital-intensive body-scanning and radiotherapy plants.

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