Swiss Type CNC Lathes

When the need is for the production of small, complex precision parts, more and more companies, particularly in the medical, aviation and metalworking industries, rely on Swiss-type Automatic Lathes to get the job done.

FEATURED Swiss Type CNC Lathes - TSUGAMI B073-Ⅲ/B074-Ⅲ/B075-Ⅲ

High-precision machining based on the theoretical design policy

  • Optimum selection from 3 types, 3-axis or 4-axis or 5-axis type, according to a workpiece
  • Realising complex workpiece machining by the 2-spindle/3-spindle/4-spindle cross drill and the main spindle C-axis control (option)
  • The built-in motor is equipped on the back spindle of 4-axis type and 5-axis machine.

Technical Specifications


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